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Want the complex made clear?  Dr. Bob can help.  He is the William & Elsie Prentice Professor of Biology at Wheaton College in Norton Massachusetts, visiting scientist at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, host of Family Science Nights with MMAS in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and regular presenter on science topics in all settings from lecture halls to boardrooms to Youtube to TV.

Science reveals wonders of nature

The natural world is breathtaking in its beauty and complexity.  Having an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide can make the daunting doable and the mysterious knowable.  Whether your goal is to learn about science yourself, or to convey a scientific message to a "non-science" audience, Dr. Bob can tell that scientific story in a clear, engaging, and ultimately memorable way.

Let's do an experiment!

We are all scientists!  We wonder, we test, we consider, we conclude, and we share. Science is our best path to understanding the natural world around us. To learn more, use the "Experiments!" pull-down menu above, and let's do an experiment! 

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Appearances & Features

"The Scientific Method - We are all scientists!"

In his first episode of the "Science with Dr. Bob" show on Mansfield Cable Access, Dr. Bob tries some surprising experiments to show that we all use the same scientific method to figure out the world around us.

"MDI Builds New Bio Laboratory for Future Scientists"

Dr. Bob and his students are featured as one of the vibrant faculty/student teams that will benefit from  new facilities at the MDI Biological Laboratory in this news story by WLBZ2 reporter Shawna Newcomb.   28 July 2016.

"Scientist inspires next generation"

Dr. Bob’s many roles in inspiring the next generation of scientists at the MDI Biological Laboratory are celebrated in this MDIslander newspaper article by Noah Rosenberg.  12 March 2017.

“Science with Dr. Bob: Molecular Chromatography”

  Dr. Bob explains an important but complex scientific technique – chromatography – to WABI TV’s Joy Hallowell and Wayne Harvey in an engaging and visually interesting way.  24 August 2017.

“Science with Dr. Bob: Family Science Night, part 1”

  Dr. Bob and his student, Arielle Michaelis, talk with Wayne Harvey about the fun science and the fascinating organisms to be seen at the upcoming Family Science Night event at the MDI Biological Laboratory. Aired July 13, 2017.  

“Science with Dr. Bob: Family Science Night, part 2”

 Dr. Bob and his student, Sarah King, talk with Joy Hallowell about the exciting science to be seen at the upcoming Family Science Night event at the MDI Biological Laboratory, and Dr. Bob tells the story of his first visit to Family Science Night visit just a few decades back. Aired July 13, 2017.  

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